Adoption Process + FAQ

Adopting a pet into your home can be an important decision and we are happy that you trust us to be your breeder.

We have an active waiting list. The wait will most likely be over 1-2 years. If you are seriously interested, email us at dejablu.rb@gmail.com to introduce yourself to allows us to learn more about you and your preference, and stay in contact with us on Facebook so we can get to know each other.

Although we do contact people along the waitlist, we do interviews on the potential families so the waitlist and the wait time aren’t “fixed”.

We treat our kittens as our babies. We absolutely consider this an adoption process with long-term connection instead of a “sale and done” process. All our kittens are raised with homemade balance food with varied source of proteins (chicken, venison, ostrich, pheasant, etc), along with premium cat food including Kiwi Kitchens, Orijen, TikiCats, Nulo freeze dried, etc. All our kittens are socialized with humans throughout their growth.

Once a litter has arrived, kittens are considered available until a non-refundable deposit(50% of full price) is received. We reach out to our pet parent candidates on our waitlist. If we don't hear from you, we assume you are no longer interested.

Pet kittens will leave at 14-16 weeks of age, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered or spayed, with CFA registration papers, pedigree and a health warranty.

The price of a pet kitten will be comparable to other CFA Russian Blue breeders on the west coast and is subject to change depending on the local costs of neutering/spaying and vaccinations. Currently, it is $2,500 per male kitten and $2,700 per female kitten(subject to change upon local spay/neuter cost inflation). Once a deposit is taken, the expectation is that you will make arrangements to pick the kitten up within 2 weeks of it being ready to join your home! The remaining balance is due before pickup.

Feel free to check out the detailed New Owner Resources we put together for you.

We require that you provide a PERMANENT, indoor-only home for your pet. Pet ownership is a responsibility that lasts the entire life of the pet. Declawing will also violate our adoption contract.


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