Dangerous things at home


There are many dangerous things at home that could make your cat sick! Get your house risk-proof before picking up the kitty and always check if there's potential hazards. Keep these hazardous items hidden or far away from their reach!

Dangerous Plants :

http://russianblues.ca/Cat Owners Corner/Poisonous Plants/plants.html

Dangerous Toys:

Yarn/string- Cats will eat and swallow by accident and could entangle the intestines——life-threatening!

Toys with very small parts/sharp/parts (either embedded in a cage or exposed): only take it out with human supervision. Cats may swallow these and cause problems in digestive systems.

It's always good to keep the toys hidden without human supervision, unless it's the absolute harm-free type (scratch board, etc)

Dangerous cleaning products:


Human Food:

Basically don't feed them things you eat, especially the ones processed with additives. Avoid these especially:


Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, dietary supplement (for human), topic flea treatment (if you have two cats, separate them for a day when you are applying those on them)


Hairties/rubber bands/Zipties/dental flosser/wires: cats will play and eat these and again entangle the intestines. Hide them or block them from cats' access.

Pesticides/fertilizer/garden products

Mini-blinds/plastic bags: they might get trapped.

Ladders/furniture that could be tripped/too tall and cats may fall by accident.

Screen the windows! They might jump out!!!!

Stove-top. Keep cats away from kitchen or find ways to make it safe.