Prep List



We are currently using this Garfield Small Grains. We recommend that you start with this and gradually transition to litter that suits your need.

  1. Litter Pan (please use open litter pan to start. Litter robot shouldn’t be used before cat weighs more than 5lbs)



  1. Litter Scoop (the best)
  1. Litter box cleaning tool
  1. Litter Mat

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We currently feed 50% DIY raw (chicken, venison, turkey, rabbit, pheasant, guinea fowl, ostrich, etc) and 50% commercial food.

List of food we currently use. Please start one or two of these and slowly transition into the food you plan to feed the kitten:

  1. Kitten stage Kibble Tiki Cat
  1. Nulo Freeze dried dinner (need to rehydrate a bit)
  1. Instinct Freeze dried (need to rehydrate)
  1. Weruva Kitten Canned (Kiwi Kitchens out of stock 😟, this is a much more common brand available in Petco, PetfoodExpress, PetSmart etc)

Treats & Supplements

  1. Freeze dried treat 1
  1. Freeze dried chicken heart (taurine supplementation, good for heart and brain, max 2 per day, please break into smaller pieces)
  1. Vitamins (please break into smaller pieces, we give 0.5 piece per day)

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  1. Please use filtered water. Change water at least daily.
  1. Water fountain we use (quiet and cats’ favorite) currently. Parts can be dish-washed (except cords and pump). Need to wash pump manually with soap at least weekly.

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  1. Cardboard scratcher sturdy for at least 2 years.
  1. Sisal rope-textured scratchers (default cat tree pillars). We recommend avoid using cat tree that’s too tall when the kitten is till young for safety reasons…
  1. Fishing rod toy. We will give you some special replacement attachments that drive the kitten crazy. Please store it away from cats after playing because they will chew the cords for sure…
  1. Potential toy upgrades after kittens fully adapted to your house : cat tunnels (round/donut shape usually well-received), electronic cat toys (ex.1, ex.2), laser pointer (don’t point at their eyes!) , or this ripple rug.
  1. NOTE: Catnip/Matatabi (cat weeds): We don’t usually let the cats sniff it for several reasons—— they will have some decrease in agility and response time —— so don’t let the cat get access to high cat tree or play too rough with them after catnip/matatabi as they might land improperly… We discourage rough play/letting kittens jump too high in general.

(Feel free to ask us if you need some user experience on cat toys. We have sampled almost all cat toys available on the market and know all the bummer toys that cats don’t like.)

Flea Prevention

We use the Revolution Plus. Please get it according to the kitten weight.

For internal dewormer, please consult your vet if needed. We deworm kittens three times before heading to your home.

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