About Us


We always dreamed to own a Russian Blue cat many years ago and finally got our sweet pet RB Miro in 2019 from Sereshka Russian Blue. After getting Miro, we’re even more fascinated with the RB breed and we started thinking of joining the RB breeders to preserve the breed and introduce this beautiful breed to more people.

We’re extremely lucky to start our small RB cattery Deja Blu Russian Blues with S'More Fun in late 2020. We’re extremely grateful to Kate & Ariel (Sereshka Russian Blue) for their trust, support and mentoring. Many people lent their help along the way, including Winteridol Russian Blues, WynterWynd Russian Blues, Tsar Blu, and Blue on Blue.

Our name Deja Blu, as it suggested literally, comes from the French phrase "Déjà vu". We hope all our pet RB families love their RB as if they've met before ❤️.

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