About Russian Blue Breed

Here are some of the best sources of information about Russian Blue cats based on Russian Blue CFA standards.

CFA About the Russian Blue Breed | Russian Blue breed standards

You can learn about the Russian Blues from CFA RB page. CFA also prepared a breed standard presentation for easy comprehension.

Russian Blue Council | Collection of past year Russian Blue breed winners

This is a site by the collective effort of CFA Russian Blue breeders. It contains photos of past Russian Blue National Winners & Distinguished Merit as well as the lists of Regional Winners & Grand CH/Grand PR. You will also be able to see the the best of the amazing breed.

There is also an detailed response demystifying the anecdote of Russian Blue being "hypoallergenic" - no, they are not hypoallergenic.

We adhere to their position on Russian Blue.

Russian Blue Info | Notes from CFA Russian Blue breeders

If you have any question about this breed, here is the site to find an answer.

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